„TQ Net Consulting“ OD

Ul. Trg zlatnih ljiljana br. 29
BiH - 71 000 Sarajevo
Tel./Fax.: +387 (0)33 463 638
Mob.:       +387 (0)65 662 348
Mob.:       +387 (0)61 786 909

„TQ Net Consulting“ OD

Ul. Studentski trg 8
SRB - 11 000 Beograd
Mob.:         +381 63 80 36 904

We are experts regarding the quality and implementation of international standards for all types of organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro.

Our experienced consultants will support you specifically and competently until you obtain the certificate you require.
No matter which standard may be involved - we take care of your maximum success with reasonable and clear costs.
More than 15 years of experience and over 100 successful projects characterize us as experts that will lead you to your goal easily, relatively quickly and in a way that is affordable to you.

The documentation we create is simple without a lot of bureaucracy, in order not to constitute a burden for current business operations

We are a member of the Quality Association B&H.

We are a member of the association for the development of economic relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federal Republic of Germany.