prepoznavanje konsalting potreba

Customer needs

Customer dedication implies an inductive approach to each individual system, needs and capabilities of the client. In this sense, each organization-client is guided as a special project in order to secure the full fulfillment of its needs and expectations.

stalni kontakt sa klijentima

Contact with customer

During consultation, clients are available members of our team who are in contact with authorized persons from the client in accordance with project tasks and project plan.

kvalitet usluga konsaltinga

Quality of service

Our professional approach to business, long experience and high standards of our team are a guarantee for the high quality of services provided.

postovanje rokova i precizno planiranje

Deadlines of projects

When identifying the needs of the client, pays special attention to the implementation possibilities within the defined time frame. This approach requires a precise planning of each project. In order to respect the deadlines, we are in a position to provide all necessary resources to provide services.


TQ Net Consulting works in the sense of the global environment with the goal of long-term stable growth and the development of consulting companies. Our success is based on consulting services of quality within the field of international standards application, and business improvement through application of modern managing methods.

In the field of consulting and training we have become recognizable by partner and individual approach to our clients.